This interesting piece of driftwood was discovered in Del Mar, CA. When we saw it, we knew that Ele was screaming to come out!  The fine hand carved details and the beautiful stains complement the piece. The Tusks are Buck Horns, no ivory used. Adds a realistic touch to a wonderfully carved sculpture. The eyes are polished stone. The stones were collected at the receeding high tide, during a full moon, at Blacks Beach near Torrey Pines State Park.

#302: "Ele" The Elephant

  • 'ELE' The Elephant #302

    Price: $2,350.00

    Height:  27 inches (69 cm)

    Width:   31 inches (79 cm)

    Length: 52 inches (132 cm)

    Weight: 46 pounds/lbs (21 kg)


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